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A unique balanced product that was especially commissioned and developed some 20 years ago for use in the metal fabrication, automotive and advertising industries. Used extensively in the metal fabrication industry for degreasing prior to chroming or galvanizing. SO THIS IS A REAL DEGREASER! T-800 Removes underbody coating, car importer's wax, paraffin, grease, silicone, etc. from all surfaces. It will even degrease through water. So having to dry a car before degreasing following a shower of rain is a thing of the past. Just apply with a cloth, wait a few minutes, and then just wipe over with a dry cotton cloth. T-800 needs to be removed with a cloth because it is somewhat slower than the volatile thinners. There's a good reason for this: for it to make grease molecules 'float' it has to first get under the molecules. So when the surface is wiped with a dry cloth, the end result is a perfectly degreased surface.