ASWF WF Horizon 20 Bronze -152cm

Item No. HORIZON-20-152
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TECHNISCHE INFORMATIE   Visable Light Transmission: 18% Total Solar Energy Recjected: (single-glass) 78% Total Solar Reflection: 48% Total Solar Absorbtion: 41% Total Solar Transmission: 11%     Visable Light Transmission External: 35% Visable Light Transmission Internal: 39% Glare Reduction: 80%
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Visable Light Transmission:18%
Total Solar Energy Recjected: (single-glass)78%
Total Solar Reflection:48%
Total Solar Absorbtion:41%
Total Solar Transmission:11%
Visable Light Transmission External:35%
Visable Light Transmission Internal:39%
Glare Reduction:80%
Shading Coefficient:0,25
IR wering (gemeten tussen 760-2500nm)--
U Value (IP) Imperial (BTU)hr x °F xft20,66
U Value (SI) Metrisch (W/°K x m2--
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