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Our fluids have been known for more than 30 years. Make your choice below.

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SOTT Surface Cleaner II 1ltr Bottle
Item No. 600-SC02FLES In stock
€ 9,14
SOTT Surface Cleaner II 5ltr Jerrycan
Item No. 600-SC02CAN In stock
€ 41,50
SOTT Surface Cleaner II 200 ltr Drum
Item No. 600-SC02VAT This product is on order. Delivery within 3-5 business days!
€ 995,00
SOTT Industrial Degreaser 1ltr Bottle
Item No. 600-T800FLES In stock
€ 7,65
SOTT Industrial Degreaser 5ltr Jerrycan
Item No. 600-T800CAN In stock
€ 27,30
Metal Drum Faucet
Item No. 600-KR In stock
€ 15,00
SOTT Silicon/wax Remover 1000ml
Item No. 600-T900 In stock
€ 10,50
SOTT Glasscleaner 1ltr Bottle
Item No. 600-GC101FLES In stock
€ 5,20
SOTT Glasscleaner 5 ltr Jerrycan
Item No. 600-GC101CAN In stock
€ 19,95
SOTT Right-Off adhesive remover 1ltr Bottle
Item No. 600-Z0415FLES In stock
€ 10,65
€ 43,55
SOTT Right-Off adhesive remover 200ltr Drum
Item No. 600-Z0415VAT This product is on order. Delivery within 3-5 business days!
€ 1.257,60
SOTT Film Remover 5 ltr Jerrycan
Item No. 600-TRL1000CAN This item is in transit to our warehouse.
€ 58,00 Call us for delivery time!
€ 10,65
Tint-Off Window Film Remover 1000ml
Item No. 600-TO In stock
€ 9,50
SOTT Dirt-Off
Item No. 600-DO In stock
€ 14,85
SOTT Carwrap Film Cleaner 500ml
Item No. 600-CC44 In stock
€ 12,95